Neodymium 216 Beads Magnetic Balls Neo Cube Puzzle Toy Bulk Search (Gold)

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100% brand new and high quality.Made of 216 strong 3mm magnetic NdFeB balls.Can be composed of countless shapes as you imagine.It can simply increase... ( Read more )



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  • Details
  • 100% brand new and high quality.
  • Made of 216 strong 3mm magnetic NdFeB balls.
  • Can be composed of countless shapes as you imagine.
  • It can simply increase your intuitive of geometry and mathematics.
  • It is an amazing intellectual toy.
  • Effectively stimulate the left and right brain.
  • A good educational tool for children.
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здесь все просто превосходно!спасибо!
son pequeñas pero estan re buenas muy buenas y divertidas!
Buy it! Especially - color! You will not regret!
The player of any age will find a lot of the beads employed. First, you start to understand how the shapes: flat, three-dimensional.
Then comprehend how to construct curved surfaces and space ...
Balls of different colors allow you to create not only the beauty of form, but also the colors!
Problem one: balls all the time is not enough! :-) 216 pieces - this is just the beginning!
Horas de entretenimiento
Producto ideal para pasar un montón de tiempo entretenido, relación precio/entretenimiento buenísima. He estado jugando con ellas muchas horas y no se han deteriorado en absoluto, lo recomiendo.
Y realmente no miden 3 mm exactamente, son 2,9 mm, pero que importancia tiene?! Es un buen producto.
Too Small
I was disappointed, when it finally arrived, to find that they were smaller than I had expected. I got out my metric ruler, and measured the diameter to the best of my ability. The ones I received were about 2 mm wide. If you don't mind that they are smaller than they say, this is a good product, and I have had no other problems with it.
muito fracas
tenho as esferas maiores e essas sim sao fortes, essas pequenas sao muito fracas
Забавная штука!)
Очень необычная головоломка! Я в восторге! Развивает мышление, любознательность и тактильные ощущения. Советую приобрести это развлечение для себя или в подарок!
Good purchase
A nice relaxing game
It's very addictive to play with them, squeezing in your hands.
when i buying this, I thought it would measure 5.0, but fell into the trap as many, even so are interactive and educational, I recommend combining them with the figures to make it big, also is more beautiful in gold.
прикольная игрушка
Прикольная игрушка. Хорошо развивает мелкую моторику. Золотая краска облезает сразу же - покупайте лучше серебристые!
Very small but still beautiful
These magnets are very small (about half the size of usual ones).
The gold coating makes them look nicer. Some kinds of magnetic jewelery can be made. Overall very nice to play with.
very good magnets. Strong. You can think about and make a lot of figures. Voto is a little bit more.
lots of fun for my grandkids
Lots of fun. We compete with each other to see who can finish first. Obviously, I bought more than one of these.
Good price and cool item
Good item very quality!
This Met all my expectations and even went about them!
It is a true amazing toy and it is surely a must buy for all ages. If not your truly missing out ON SOMETHING AMAZING! its makes a great gift for your kids, family or a friend or even for your self! It is true a magnificent toy!
Очень маленькие
Меньше размером, чем ожидалось. Долгая доставка (около 50 дней)
a wonderful toy
a wonderful toy.
the child is simply delighted.
these balls just a miracle.
Из хорошего: магнитятся нормально, много что слепить можно, отличный антидепрессант - всё веселее, чем в мобильник тыкать или чётки крутить для занятия пальцев.

Из плохого: на 2$ дороже серебристого аналога, но "позолота" стёрлась через 3 дня неактивного использования - шарики стали один в один как более дешёвый, так что смысла не вижу переплачивать
Muy entretenido
Realmente de entrada me sorprendi, ya que eran muy pequeñas; pero luego a mis hijas les encanto, se divierten haciendo pulseras, collares, aros, muñequiros, etc. Lindo para divertirse
best time-killing toys
browse some video tutorials about this type of product, and be amazed of what it can do. lot of shapes can be formed, just find some video instruction and follow. it's fun.
the small size makes it look really nice, just like jewelry. yet, i have a big hand, and i wish i can also have a bit larger beads.
Great way to pass time :D
These are one of the best time pass products available !! I spent good 3-4 hrs with them the day they arrived and mind you i had office that day...The quality is really nice... rock solid...great finish... Happy with the purchase :D

AND gold color looks really... great
суппер и дёшево
хочу сказать что по цене которой я купил дешевле нет нигде поверьте..качество суппер..и очень золотой цвет мечтал получить теперь всё я обладатель етого клёвого неокубо..спасибо фокалпрайс за это..

I want to say that for the price that I bought cheaper nowhere .. believe me .. supper quality and very golden color dream now all I get owner etogo nibble fokalprays Rare Earth .. thanks for that ..
This product has not yet arrived
This product has not yet arrived
very experienced
Well to be honest, just ordered the wrong size. The 3mm size is not usable to make nice things. You need the 5mm variant foor that.
But the product does what it is supposed to do.
Nice product, low price but to small to work with.
Neodymium 216 Beads
Вполне потянет на офисную игрушку. По мне, так шарики чуть мелковаты.
cool toy
Nice toy to kill your time..only defect is that it's gold color is gone after playing for some time and it's silver now...
wonderful toy
Отличная игрушка, купил для дочки. Шарики действительно маленькие, но дочка уже игралась с более крупными и ей было не трудно составлять различные фигуры. Мне кажется ей нравятся они даже больше. Через какое то время золочение пропадает, но это думаю не беда.
Great toy, bought for my daughter. Balls are really small, but my daughter is playing with bigger and it was not difficult to make different shapes. I think she likes it even more. After a while gilding disappears, but I think it does not matter.
bolas imanes
Este es el tecero paquete de volas que compro esta muy vien y el envio a sido muy rapido.
Un puzzle-juego muy entretenido y adictivo los 1ºs días. Identico en empresa de España es muchisimo mayor
Sin lugar a dudas puedes pasar mucho tiempo armando tus inventos con estos pequeños imanes
Product got.THANKS
Nice toy
I've bought many of these and it's just plain fun. There are unlimited combinations you can make with it.
Very good
- Its very good product for relaxing
- The quality is also good.
Great toy for 12 yrs old boy.
Great easy and brainstorming toy.
Very cheap compared to Brazil sell price (if you are not stopped in the customs).
It came very quick compared to others suppliers.