216pcs 5x5x5 mm Magnetic Magic Cube (Gold)

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Includes 216 pieces magnetic balls with 5mm diameterHelps to stimulate the imagination and creativityImproves your memory and handmade abilityYou can... ( Read more )



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  • Includes 216 pieces magnetic balls with 5mm diameter
  • Helps to stimulate the imagination and creativity
  • Improves your memory and handmade ability
  • You can shape the magic ball with your creativity
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thank you very good
best seller
Отзыв на нео кубик.
Заказываю уже не в первый раз. Всё доходит в целости и сохраности. Единственное-это долго ждать. Но я так понимаю, что это "косяк" нашей почты. В общей сложности посылочка шла ровно 1 месяц. Из них больше недель шла по России.
Поэтому мой совет. Если хотите быстро, то заказывайте платную доставку:ЕМS или что то подобное.А так всё нормально, дети мои очень довольны. Такая же подобная игрушка у нас стоит в раза дороже.
Muy buen producto
Este producto es genial, su calidad es excelente, y ademas es muy barato!
Nice toy, balls are of decent size for adult's fingers (not too small as in cheaper alternatives)

Warning: can lead to addiction :)
Не покрашены, отлично магнитятся.
Не покрашены, отлично магнитятся. Только для игры одного набора мало.
I loved it! It is released very interesting.
It is very intressante, everyone likes some form of figure. It's a great hobby.
Good quality
Great fun recommended..Hours fly by while you amuse yourself creating different designs and having fun.it is a great product, i cant stop played with this!!!

216pcs 5x5x5 mm Magnetic Magic Cube (Gold)
Very much it was pleasant!
I bought this item as a gift for my little daughter. Since arriving we play for hours creating ever new forms. A real good buy. Probably it will take for my grandchildren.
i bought this last year and i am still using its peaces everywhere in my house especially inside kitchen. I glue one peace on the wall and stick anything metal like bottle opener or any keychain. and also i use some peaces on refrigerator to stick some notes, whish list, pictures etc.