Romantic Star Master Light Lighting Projector (Black)

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This creates a larger, more brilliant light show for your viewing entertainment.This is the greatest upgrade anybody could add to their star light... ( Read more )



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This creates a larger, more brilliant light show for your viewing entertainment.This is the greatest upgrade anybody could add to their star light show.Decor your room, house.Auto flashing star, multi colors.Powered by three AA batteries(Batteries not include).

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awesome article
The sky in your room
I like very much, the constelation are not real but change color and it´s beautiful to obtain a confortable room.
Neat item
I purchased 2 of these for 2 young children in the family.

The item projects stars throughout the room. I would have preferred a sturdier plastic, given the age of the children that I purchased it for, but for the price it is still a good value.
Nice led gadget for little kids
I bought 2 of these. The boxes didn't like the shipping very much and one of the Projector lights were scratchy from the shipping and one of the buttons were loose. The other ones bottom end had came loose. Fortunately the screws were still in the box so i could put it together again.

When i had put them together they worked fine.
Projetor diferente
Projetor com 4 leds e uma lampada 3w. Alterna a cor dos leds automaticamente, a lampada possui chave liga-desliga e produz uma luz amarelada. Precisa de 4 pilhas AA para funcionar. Comprei uma fonte reguladora, cuja qual queimou a lampada e dois leds, pois estao ligados em paralelo.
its great !
i have bought this item and i am really happy with it!
Good and funny
its a very funny item, it can be very amussing in the night
Star Projector
Interesting product, I was really psyched about getting one. I actually ordered this over the summer and received it then too so the issues I had may have been resolved by now.
good for decoration
The Fantastic Star Master deploys projector techniques to show you the entire universe on your ceiling. Using just this and 3 AA batteries, you can enjoy an entire night under the stars. The star images are pre-installed and it shows approximately ten thousand stars. The colorful lights are combined with red, green and blue, with the main bulb being used to create the starlight.
Really good
It''s great!
Cheap, good looking, and perfect for modifications !
Nice Gift - Belo Presente
Belo presente, principalmente para crian?as.
Faz um belo efeito!!!
cheap good stuff! My girl friend like it very much
its a preety guud stuff that my girl friend liked very much when i give her as a present. She love it that much that i think that she is going to buy more to give as a present to frends
Mood light
it produces enough mood light to be worth a purchase. coulor leds or white light.