480p Component AV Cable for Wii (Silver)

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New generic Premium Component AV Cable Specific design to provide the sharpest video and sound for your Nintendo Wii gaming system. Connect to your... ( Read more )



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New generic Premium Component AV Cable Specific design to provide the sharpest video and sound for your Nintendo Wii gaming system. Connect to your HDTV (High-Definition TV) or EDTV (Enhanced-Definition TV) and enjoy the most stunning graphics available from your Nintendo Wii via 480p resolution. Ultra thick and flexible PVC jacket with color coded connectors help to simplify installation. AV Cable Type: Audio/Video Cable Sufficient length for moderate distance use.Enables displays with natural and VIVID Colors.

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Exelent Product
I noticed a great improvement in the quality of the image using this cable on the tv.

Simply works
It is probabely not the most sturdy or well designed cable out there but it does the jod and does it well, no need to spend more.
Fien image
The imagem using this cable, keeps better than usual.
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no funciona
Sólo escucho audio, no se ve nada. Y lo conecté correctamente.
The best av cable
I'm very pleased to get this product, it is excellent, it is the best cost-benefit ratio of the site, I will buy again. Thank you very much, I will be a loyal customer Gimmestore. Good afternoon!
Si tienes un Wii debes tener este cable. Es un Practico cable para conectar a tu TV. Parece de muy buen material y tiene un buen precio.
Good product!!
Everithing works fine like a original cable.
The price is good and resolved my problem to make work my wii in my new led tv.
todo correcto y eficiente
Tras ser receloso con este tipo de compras por internet esta portal da la sensacion de ser serio y profesional, En mi caso el producto adquirido llegó en perfecto estado y en los plazos previstos.
wiiiiiii cable!!!!!
Very good qualiy has the cable. i did realy like it and does it works. it little shorter than the original but nothing to envy. ;)
A great cable for the Wii!
And not expensive!
Great Quality for the wii. ;)
Ótimo produto, recomendo.
Cabo de boa qualidade na acabamento. A qualidade da imagem melhorou muito comparando com o RCA que utilizava anteriormente.
Muy bueno
Muy buen producto, de buena calidad y buenos materiales. Lo único malo que noto es que se me hace un poco corto comparado con el cable que viene incluido con el nintendo.
best product
I have used this cable for a month. The image quality is very good with Wii game and watch Netflix. I will recommend this component cable instead of standard AV cable with Wii console.

excellent product
I received the product and it works perfect with my Wii console with a flat screen TV.
es un cable de muchisima calidad
Works great!
Low price, great vid quality and it's well made.

What are you waiting for?

Great deal.
720p for your wii was never cheaper
This cable will spring new life into your wii games and give you a new appreciation for your HD capable TV. You'll want to play your old games over again just to see how much better they look.
Compatible al 100%
Muy buen producto, la única observación es que el color se ve mas vívido y en todos los presets con lo que viene el TV
Nice price
Works just fine, price is great. I'm satisfied. Picture is much better, that with the AV-cable.
480P is Much Better
Cable is well desing, fits perfecly and has an considerable size.

480P is much better than 480i, this cable unleash the true potencial in games like DJ Hero 2 and Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles.
Good cable
It made my Wii look way greater than before.
The lenght is sufficient and the quality too.
Its a good cable for a low price!
Amazing price
My Wii looks very well whit this 480p component AV Cable.
You need one if you have a HD TV
Nice cable!
cable with four colors.
colorful, cable long enough.
Good cable for the price
I bought this cable to replace the low-def one that came with my Wii. It works.
If the image is improved really seems to depend on what game is being played. Some didn't look much better and others did.
Whether or not you wish to buy this kind of cable depends on what you're going to compare it to. If your TV or monitor supports it, I would recommend it.
Buy it now!!! Comprenlo ahora
Producto de muy buena calidad aunque el primero que pedi no me llego el reenvio llego completo y rapido
nice cable
This cable work very fine, much better than composite cable.
480p Component AV Cable for Wii (Silver)
The good qualitative goods, are very simple in circulation. It is very well made and pleasant in hands. As he simply perfectly well consults with the duties! :) the price for these goods very good!
Very good component cable for the Wii
I purchased it to a friend; she loved it since now her wii looks very good in 480p.

The overall quality is good, perhaps it could be a bit better but the important thing is that it's well constructed and works fine

A very good option since in Mexico most component cables are above $15 USD
Crystal Clear Quality
This cable is a good replacement for those with component compatible TVs. The result of using this : crystal clear picture, no flickering at all!
Building quality is good and have a nice price.

A qualidade do material usado é boa e também tem um bom pre?o.
I don't see the diffrence....
Good cable, but I can''t see any quality diffrence between this one, and the one that came with my wii.