Nextway F7 7" Android 4.1.1 Dual Core RK3066 1.6GHz 16GB Tablet PC with Wi-Fi, External 3G, Bluetooth, Capacitive IPS Touch (Bla

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Good product at a reasonable price
The Nextway F7 is quite a nice little 7" tablet. Because of the metal construction, it feels and looks robust, and should be able to withstand daily use quite easily. It has enough RAM and ROM to be able to install lots of applications and to be able to run them without issues. In use it is quite responsive.
The only problem is all the Chinese Apps which are installed by default as system Apps. For the western market, these application just waste space. It is not possible to delete these apps unless one roots the device. It is quite easy to root the device, and once cleaned from all the crapware it is a very nice device indeed.
Muy buena
Yo esperaba menos de esta tablet, ralmente es lo que necesitaba. Tiene una fluidez necesaria, no es muy rapida, pero no molesta. reproduce videos, juegos y navegacion web sin ningun problema.
incluso baje el programa autocad por razones laborales y anda muy bien.
Muy satisfecho.
Я заказала этот планшет, прочитав о нем отзывы. В первый раз заказала у вас сразу 2 планшета, но вы долго, 15 дней не отправляли его, ничего не объясняя. Я сделала возврат денег. Затем заказала один в вашем магазине, другой - в TinyDeal, оба заказа пришли в один день, но от вас пришел планшет хорошо упакованный, а от TinyDeal - защитная пленка с пузырями воздуха. Ваш магазин вызывает у меня большее доверие. Но поччему-то нет адаптера к зарядному устройству.
Still waiting for this one
I made a purchase of this one on March, 31st. So today is May, 8th. I don't know who's guilty for the fact my tablet is lost, but I still can't get any useful information from Gimmestore administration or RMA Service. Three answers for my problem was like "We're doing something, can you wait for a week?" I was saying OK, then I waited for this week. You know what was the answer. Yes. It was just like the previous one. So the dream service makes me to do bad things. I don't like to do this, but I just can't get how such a bad service management can be so popular. I know, my case is unique for this tablet, but I just don't want you to get in that situation, cause if it's problem, no one's gonna help you. Be warned.
Excellent item with low price
with such a small device you can do almost every thing. only you need internet connectivity.
Отличная вещь
Выбирали планшет в качестве игрового. Интересовало разрешение экрана, скорость процессора, многоядерность, объём памяти, наличие Bluetooth. Немаловажен был дизайн и цена.
Ожидания полностью оправдались.
Планшет выгодно отличается от "айпадоидов" стильной формой. Благодаря клиновидным краям, легко входит и вынимается из чехла. Корпус тонкий, алюминиевый, собран отлично.
Планшет с аналогичным же функционалом стоит в обычном магазине в 1,5 раза дороже! При этом, там вряд ли там будет Bluetooth.
Экран чёткий и яркий под любым углом.
Камера честных 2Мп. При желании получаются неплохие снимки. Хорошая фокусировка и угол обзора на макросъёмке, что удобно, например, при фотографировании документов.
Игры и видео "летают". Android полностью русифицирован.
Из минусов: ёмкость аккумулятора и инструкция только на китайском.
Рекомендую всем, кто хочет современный 7" планшет с характеристиками выше средних.
Неожиданно классный планшетик! Все просто летает! Wi-Fi уверенно ловит, по крайней мере до30м ( дальше не проверял). Фильмы идут без затяжек, игры тоже.Задняя панель из металла, чуть теплая при работе.Из минусов: днем слегка недостает яркости, достаточно тихий, но резкий звук.Хотел брать PIPO U2, но наткнулся на акцию Nextway F7 и понял , что это полный аналог, даже корпуса совпадают.Но разница в цене ~ 40$ в пользу Next.
NB! Зарядка не для наших розеток!(нужен адаптер).
Best deal!
I got this tablet 2 weeks ago, i love it! very responsive and fast, big internal memory storage, screen is very sharp and clear. the customer support is very fast and helpful. i bought this one when it was about 20$ off, two cameras and bluetooth you can't find this for that low price, i really recommend this one although it's now about 120$, it's really worth it! i'm from Croatia and it arrived in about 2 weeks, so very fast shipping, i would buy again from you, i am really positively surprised,zhanks a lot!
Um ótimo tablet, muito rápido e qualidade exelente de imagem.

tirando a taxa de importação que tive que pagar a (ROBALHEIRA FEDERAL DO BRASILl), foi uma compra que não me arrependo.
ótima compra. recomendo!
Low battery time
Two problems: 1. Battery lasts only about one hour. 2. Sound is toooo low.
Great products in awesome price. Fast delivery. Responsive and fast tablets with no problem downloading and browsing online. May not be as good as iPad but with 1/5 of the price, you can't go wrong.
Отличный планшет
Планшет супер
Отличный,яркий экран,мощный процессор,тянет все игры,дизайн супер!!!
language issues
Just got this tablet --- bought it in order to see what the Android experience was like, thinking about switching from Apple for other things too. But as someone who has not had any experience with Android, I am finding it really frustrating that so much of the information is in Chinese. I can't find any English-language support on the Nextway website. Just wrote to Gimmestore asking how to get an English-language manual, and am hoping they will be able to help. So far, I'm really wishing I'd sprung for the Nexus 7. But still hoping that this will work out. The device is definitely fast and the screen is sharp and very responsive.
Perfect !
All very well, is very good!
7 inch rocketship
They say tablet but this is a rocketship computer with powerful function and way too much free software. I added a $20 32GB external SD and have 105 books, over 2000 songs and about 12 movies in less than 1/3 of the external space and have barely touched the 16GB internal with about 100 apps - all in about a week !!!
Learn Android Jelly Bean right on this tablet and you will never let it go. ROM avail for download right from Nextway site and manufactured by Shenzhen Firstview Electronic Co., Ltd. (about 15,000 pieces a day). Buy this.....
A definite prize winner
You just can't go wrong with this item. One of the deal breakers with most of the "generic" tablets is that no ROM is available - can't find the manufacturer. Nextway site is right on the back of the tablet. Easy download and great to have just in case.
This baby is a rocketship !!! Tethers to my phone and a bit smaller than most others. External keys a little different to. Menu/Home on the normal volume key and and ESC key comes in real handy.
Leaving this review because I bought 2 weeks ago and there were no reviews anywhere. I want to be sure I do my part. This is a beautiful tablet and a steal for the money.
Great product and the right price.
Great product great price. Fast shipping and good customer support.
nextway f7 tablet
i have bought about 7, 7inch tablet,s from diffrent sellers, but the nextway f7 is the best, it worth the money, every thing work,s good, i will buy another one, if want a good tablet, this is the one, thanks Gimmestore.