Portable Retractable USB Sync Cable for iPhone 4G & iPod (Black)

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Update your iPod and iPhone 4G at high speed with the latest music and data.The iPod dock connector to USB retractable cable offers 400mbs throughput... ( Read more )



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  • Details
  • Update your iPod and iPhone 4G at high speed with the latest music and data.
  • The iPod dock connector to USB retractable cable offers 400mbs throughput for quick transfer of your music and data to iPod and iPhone 4G.
  • The innovative retractable design cuts down on travel bulk and ensures the portability of your MP3 player without sacrificing functionality.
  • No more tangled cable mess.
  • Reviews
Lo mismo que el de apple, pero retráctil y mucho más barato.
Very goood!
Very good and reliable cable. Highly recomended to careful people.
very practical
No more twisted and tangled cables! I use it in my car when I listen to my ipod. Can't go wrong at this price.
Good cable
One of the best iphone cables around, works well.
Totalmente satisfecho
Buen producto, la calidad no es decepcionante y por el precio llega a ser un buen producto.
Cheap and good USB cable
Works well and reliable. It is much cheaper compared to market price.
Nice Retractable Iphone cable
Works good great price and its black
Nice cable
I bought this because i dont want to mess my bag with messy cable. It work perfectly on iPhone.
Low quality.
Good cable
Good cable
very useful & good price
Easy, simple, functional
Bought it for iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G.

Used with Windows PC and Macbook Pro.

The stickers can drop off or comes without it if those of you are that particular.

Other than that, the cost of buying 3 and throwing them around the house, makes life easier searching for a cable for so common daily use.
Cheap and good
Fits both my ipad2 and iphone 4 perfectly. Works like charm. A must buy product.
Good value
Good for the price

Work well. Looks fragile.
The items were as described!
Are very satisfied with cheaper
Cable de iPhone de bajo coste
Perfecto para poder llevarlo de viaje. Ocupa poco sitio. Eso sí, si tu iPhone4 tiene un bumper lo deberás quitar para poder conectarlo. Por lo demás es perfecto.
Good one
Nice little one with a bit misplaced instruction sticker that I easily put on its place.

The first thing I did was to wrap the iPhone plug and cord connection with the isolation tape, this connection really looks weak. Hope it will help the cable to last longer :) I like it
Good but Flawed
I have had this product for over a year but, despite being a good value and working well, it is flawed.  The retractable function starts to deteriorate over time and the point where the cord meets the USB connection is very weak.  After about a year, that connection failed and the iPhone declared that it couldn't charge/sync with the device; took me a while to figure out the culprit.

Best advice is to buy several of these and always have a spare ready to go.  Still more convenient and cheaper than the original cable from Apple.
very usefull
it is superusefull, I work very good her function
Es superutil, barato, y cumple perfectamente sus funciones.
very good construction and quality
Cheap alternative cable.
If you are having problem of the apple cable tangle around or difficult to keep it in proper shape. this is an alternative solution.

It works as what it describe.
bought 3 of them. good quality and easy to bring around. work well with portable battery.
A good cable for a little money
I am very happy with this order. It work very fine in my iphone 4, with my radio-cd car, with my charger, with my pc windows xp, windows vista.
It is a good item.
This cable is great!
This cable saves the wire clutter on my desk! Retractable cable helps to keep all the messy wire in place.
was bought for my iPhone cell phone, n it''s working! charge the iPhone good, and also conect to the PC that''s good
does the job perfectly
I am quite sattisfied with this cable.
takes up little space, and i dont like loose cables.
For me it is long enough as i use it with my iphone and it is allway lying next to my pc, or within range of my car charger.
I bought a black one for in my car and a white one for in my laptop bag.. :)
Pros: - Small
- Retractable
- Standard iPod jack
- Fair length
- Easy to use
- Works for charging
- Works for transfers
- Can sync with iTunes
- Both PC an Mac compatible

Cons: - Maybe a little short
- Build quality could be better

Other Thoughts: Great thing to have with you in your laptop bag along with your iPod. Works for both charging and file transfer/sync. Compatible with both PC's, Mac's and chargers.
It should be compatible with iPhone too as i no reason for it not to be. The iPhone compatibility issue is only with firewire cables and this a usb cable.

Bottomline: A must have for every iPod owner.
Short n Sweet
A replacement for the original cable. it take up so much lesser space. keeping the area need n tidy.
Good usb
hallo das ist ein sehr gutes usb kabel es funktioniert super